YUSE Launches World’s One-of-a-kind Cross-Chain Protocol DEX on a UPI-enabled Crypto Wallet in Mumbai, India

Crypto, which took over the world by storm in 2017 has seen a barrage of challenges since then. From regulations to adoption to everyday use cases, it continues to evolve rapidly. According to a report by Chainanalysis, crypto adoption peaked in 2021 but has been in slow progress since then. There have been several reasons for such a decline in its growth.

But many projects are in pursuit to change this dynamic, and one such project that has been the talk of the crypto town this week is Yuse multi-utility token. Yuse.io had a successful event filled with launches and promising roadmaps and has caused quite a stir in the market with its cross-chain DEX and UPI-enabled crypto wallet. 


The Idea Behind Yuse

In the event where hundreds of crypto enthusiasts gathered to witness the future of the industry, the idea behind Yuse was presented. Umesh Pandey, Yuse’s founder expressed the team’s vision:

“Crypto industry as it stands is a complicated transition for the common folks, and not everyone wants to get involved in learning and understanding this new tech. Yuse is building a community ecosystem where all of the internets is in one place and is easy enough for even our grandparents to use”

Yuse.io aims to create a more accessible, immersive, and secure face of the third iteration of the internet. 


Cross-Chain Interoperability

Yuse’s cross-chain DEX is a major development in its vision as it makes it easy for interested investors to buy, sell, and trade tokens on different blockchains fueling true interoperability and decentralization. The cross-chain DEX will allow users to trade and exchange tokens across various blockchains, making it easier for them to access a wide range of cryptocurrencies without the need for multiple wallets.

With the cross-chain DEX, Yuse aims to address the issue of liquidity fragmentation that is currently prevalent in the crypto market. By enabling cross-chain trading, Yuse hopes to create a more unified and interconnected crypto market that is easily accessible to all.


UPI-enabled Crypto Wallet

In addition to the cross-chain DEX, Yuse.io also launched its UPI-enabled crypto wallet. The wallet will allow users to seamlessly send and receive cryptocurrencies using their UPI ID. The UPI-enabled crypto wallet is also aimed at addressing the issue of complicated onboarding processes that have hindered crypto adoption. With the integration of UPI, Yuse.io aims to create a more user-friendly and accessible platform for everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge.


The Event Highlights

Yuse is trusted and backed by several big names in the industry. The infamous actor and entrepreneur Vishal Malhotra, who also happens to be the first Indian actor to launch his own NFT, attended the event and expressed his excitement for the Yuse ecosystem’s future.

The infamous Bitcoin Man- Herbert R Sim, is very bullish on the Yuse ecosystem and addressed the event about his vision for Yuse and how he sees Yuse to be the future of the web3 space. He even went as far as to say:

“In my decade-long journey in this industry, I really see Yuse going to become a unicorn, the next future product.”


The Crypto of the Future?

Yuse.io has had a promising launch of testnet of its cross-chain DEX and crypto wallet. Among other products, it also announced its roadmap’s next milestones, the most exciting one of which is the Car Racing NFT game. In this crypto winter, seeing projects like Yuse still BUIDLing is surely hoping for a bright future for the space.


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