FUNtasy - Social Entertainment App

A decentralized social media platform that allows users to distribute content seamlessly. YUSE will soon launch the ‘FUNtasy’ App as one of its future projects.

Social Integration

Platform integrates various social media features such as photo/video sharing, live streaming, and encrypted messaging.


Platform is decentralized, allowing users to share content without censorship, protecting privacy of content creators, influencers, and users.

Transparent Payouts

Content creators are also unable to monetize their work. They will be paid for their work in a fair manner, without any restrictions or limitations.

Innovative Social Blockchain

Introducing FUNtasy, a revolutionary new project within the YUSE ecosystem that rewards community building and social interaction through the use of YUSE tokens. By seamlessly integrating the latest social media features and concepts with cutting-edge blockchain technology, we’re creating a unique and engaging platform that will change the way people interact and connect online.


Content Monetization

Multipurpose Platform

This platform empowers users to easily share a wide variety of multimedia content such as photos, videos and live streams, securely exchange encrypted messages, conduct transactions, and monetize their creative works by selling licenses.


Decentralized Freedom

FUNtasy is a decentralized social media platform designed to give users the freedom to share content without censorship. The platform prioritizes protecting the privacy of content creators, influencers and users while also offering rewards in the form of YUSE tokens.

Transparent Impact

Cause Connect

The app will empower users to make a positive impact on society by enabling them to easily and transparently donate funds and track the deployment of those funds towards various social causes.

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