CIRCLE- Trust and transparency in Communication

A tokenized chat and dating system aim to bring trust and transparency in love and relationships.

Tokenized Chat

Users can earn tokens through actions such as fully completing their profile, sending pictures and videos, and chatting with their loved ones.

Data Security

A decentralized communication app where users can be assured that their data is safe and secured while sharing sensitive information using block chain technology.

Community Moderation

The platform will include a peer-to-peer conflict resolution tool, where community members will have the option to keep a user on the site if they misbehave.

Safe Socializing

CIRCLE is a revolutionary tokenized dating and communication platform that utilizes blockchain technology to verify its user base and securely store sensitive data. Through the use of the YUSE token, users are incentivized to actively engage and communicate with others, creating a vibrant and trustworthy community. With its innovative approach to data security and community moderation, CIRCLE is set to revolutionize the way we connect and build relationships.


Decentralized Data Protection

Secure Communication

Our goal is to develop a communication app that utilizes decentralized technology to ensure the security and protection of users’ data, particularly when sharing sensitive information.

P2P Dispute Resolution

Blockchain Authentication

The platform will utilize blockchain technology to authenticate user profiles and will feature a peer-to-peer dispute resolution mechanism.

Earn tokens for engagement

Token Rewards

Users can earn tokens by completing their profiles, sharing multimedia content, and engaging in conversations with their loved ones.

AI & Psychometric tools

Chatting & Dating apps, by nature, contain a lot of sensitive Information, bots are terrible at pairing potential couples compared to humans. We aim to create a decentralized communication & dating app where users can be assured that their data is safe and we will use the best AI technology, psychometric tools to match profiles.

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